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Officially a Business Owner!

Today, I can truly, happily, and thankfully say that I am officially a business owner! I just completed the last task into establishing my company. With pretty much no business background, the process seemed quite intimidating and overwhelming…I get this form from where? And that form for what? I mean, I just wasn’t sure I could do it myself but at the same time I also wasn’t sure I wanted to pay $$$ for help from the professionals. But with some research and great advice/pointers from a few helpful individuals (whom I’m so grateful for!), the process is all done! Can’t say I can sit back & relax now because this journey of mine has only begun and there’s TONS to do, but y’all, I own my own business…feels surreal! If you truly have the passion and believe you can do something, anything is possible so go for it! Hope to inspire those I come across with in this new venture of mine!

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