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The Funnest But Most Challenging

Now I may be stating the obvious, but I find that the funnest yet the most incredibly challenging task of owning a boutique is choosing what type of inventory to stock. You generally have a “theme” or “feel” of what you want your boutique to have but you continually wonder 1.) Will shoppers like what i choose? 2.) What will set my boutique apart from others? 3.) What colors in that item should I get…and how many? And the list goes on. And like anything else, you’ve got a budget to follow. But on the “fun” side, the journey to finding the perfect pieces for your potential shoppers is on-going excitement; keeping up with trends & looking for things that are unique to your boutique are rewarding tasks that will keep you busy & motivated to find good products that your customers will enjoy. On that note, I would love to get feedback from you all on what type of fashion items you would like to see in our boutique in the future! Drop me a comment or send me an email…look forward to seeing all your ideas!

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